The Basic Processes and Policies for Chartering a Club

Interested in chartering a club?  

Follow these basic steps to charter a new club or re-charter a club that was active last semester:

  1. Recruit ten (10) Rio Hondo Students that are registered for the current semester with at least 5 units, have paid their college service fee and have at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (unless they are new students) and are not on academic, progress or disciplinary probation.
  2. Obtain an advisor who is a permanent Rio Hondo College faculty or staff member who is able to attend ALL  meetings, functions and events (both on and off campus).
  3. Submit chartering paperwork by the 4th week of the semester.  This includes the club constitution and bylaws, membership roster consisting of at least six (6) recruited students and a completed club application sheet to be considered for either fully or conditionally chartered status.‚Äč
  4. Have at least 10 students to be considered as a fully chartered club by week 8 of the semester and attend an ICC orientation session to obtain further details about the chartering process.

*Only qualified students that are listed on the club roster will be eligible to attend field trips and/or conferences and participate in events such as RiOlympics.

Club Constitution 

Your club constitution consists of a series of clauses and statements that outline basic club operations.  It is in the constitution that you state why the club is being formed and what it seeks to achieve during it's formation and upholding at Rio Hondo College.  All clubs are required to file an up-to-date constitution and bylaws every semester.  


Need Assistance Chartering A New Club?

Rio Hondo's Student Life and Leadership Department is here to help you get started with your club.  First, make sure that you have a minimum of ten (10) students that are interested in your club.  Second, decide what kinds of events and activities you would like your club to engage in.  This will help you prepare your constitution.  When you are ready, find an advisor that is willing to participate in all club meetings and functions.  If you do not have an advisor, please contact Jessica Perea as soon as possible for assistance.  After this, fill out an application and you are set!   Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, your club will have to be approved by the Inter-Club Council and the Associated Student Body.   Once approved, your club may ask for support that each entity can provide.  


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